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2020-11-30 : 10:00 pm : +0100


Motion picture - birds in action

Photographs of birds are very impressive because they allow us to freeze and capture special moments and interactions with the natural world. But they lack the life and essence of birds, they fail to capture how they move and how they live. Videos give us the opportunity to capture a sense of how they live and how they move. And nowadays, with compact digital cameras, taking a video is just a small click away! For an extra little touch of zoom, try taking a video through your binoculars (either hand-held or using some thing like the Swarovski Snapshot Adapter - digibinning) or telescope (video digiscoping or videoscoping).

If you want share an interesting birdwatching, bird or birding-related movie you recorded yourself or just found while surfing the web (e.g. on YOUTUBE), feel free to contact us! You can also post a message on the Forum.

Internet Bird Collection

Movies of the Internet Bird Collection (IBC)

The IBC is on the website of the famous "Handbook of the Birds of the World" by Lynx Edicions.

Capercaillie Display by Helmut Schenkel-Brunner from Austria

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