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All pictures in this web-site are protected. All images are copyrighted 2001-2009 (C) by Media and by the original photographers. Unauthorized copying, distributing or printing of the photos is strictly prohibited. 

High resolution versions of most images are available by emailing your request to us (info AT, please include the URL of the photo requested). Use of images requires a link to crediting the photographer and as the photo source.

Contribute and share

Please email us any relevant photos you have and you want to share with us and other birders. We will post those pictures and save them to our media database. Please indicate if you are freely sharing the photos or wish to retain your original copyrights and we will note that when posted.

undefinedPlease contact to us, if you want to use our pictures.


Portfolio - Christoph Roland

This is a small selection of some of my bird images.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these, or any other of my images, please feel free to contact me.

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