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2020-11-23 : 7:34 pm : +0100


8 Rules for Birders

  1. Birds come first: Take care for their life. Bird protection is more important than pure satisfaction of our passion. Avoid disturbation in their habitats, at their breeding or roosting sites or when feeding.
  2. Do not spread information on breeding sites of endangered species to anybody and do not put them at risk yourself (esp. when taking pictures).
  3. Avoid unnecessary disturbances (esp. in case of rarities, which often need a rest in their odyssey…).
  4. Respect laws (esp. environmental protection laws, keep on tracks in reservats and national parks).
  5. Respect the landowner`s rules.
  6. Spread birding by living your enthusiasm and attitude when birding. (e.g. be polite, great and get interested people involved by answering questions or share your optics for a moment).
  7. Communicate! – document your sightings and observations as detailed as possible. Share them with collegues and the birder`s community as well with scientists involved.
  8. Birding abroad: be especially aware of these simple rules and promote birding with your good example.

Good Birding!
Martin J. Riesing


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