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2020-11-23 : 9:05 pm : +0100


Bird baths, nest boxes and feeding stations

Around the world, natural habitats are being altered and reduced through overexploitation, expansion of settlements, deforestation and the building of new transportation networks. It is important for all of us to support conservation organisations in striving to minimize our impact on our planet, reduce habitat destruction and alteration, combat climate change and prevent the loss of biodiversity.

We can all add to the amount of natural life around us, whether you are a keen gardener, or just like to put out some seed for the birds on your windowsill. Providing nest boxes, shrubbery and bird food (either natural or wild) can help support the life around our living areas (and give you and your neighbours a whole lot of pleasure at the same time). Even a little seed tray will guarantee you contact with our little feathered friends, even in a wintery city.

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Many useful products are on offer when it comes to birds around the house. To start, you could buy one of the many common or garden bird books available (see our BIRDSHOP), and may even want to learn more about how you can design your garden to be an attractive place for birds.


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