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Observing things is almost more to me than to possess them.

Theodor Fontane

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Birding in Austria

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Birdwatching in Austria

Austria is an Alpine, land locked, central European country with a quite diverse avifauna. Austrias territory offers a wide spectrum of birding spots: The highest mountain peaks and glaciers in the Eastern Alps to the lowland steppes in the East, Alpine lakes and the famous Steppe lake Neusiedl, the rivers Danube, March, Thaya, Mur and Inn with riverine forests aside...

Seewinkel just a 50min drive from Vienna ist located east of Lake Neusiedl and offers excellent birding possibilities, depending of water levels of these shallow lakes. But there are also other interesting sites in Eastern Austria, even in Vienna (see World Cities birdguide).

A total of well over 420 species have been recorded in Austria.

It is easy to combine your visit to Austria with some birding activities. Just ask us for more information about birding tours, events, excursions, seminars and trips organised by partners. We love to connect birders to birders. General information about birding please read wikipedia`s page on birdwatching.

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Report your Austrian observations

Your field notes are of interest! 

Please submit your observation data to BirdLife Austria:

Enter your observations here

Use the Austrian Map for specific locations and names

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Observe and record rarities in Austria

Observe and report rarities

Please do not forget about your documentation of your rare and exceptional observations you made in Austria. Rarities should be documented and records sent please to Avifaunistische Kommission, the rare birds and avi-faunistic committee of Austria within BirdLife Austria. On this new AFK webpage you find an updated list of the birds of Austria and reports on the work of the rare bird committee.

Good Birding in Austria ! Team

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Austrian Birdlist Online

Here you find the updated Austrian birdlist based on the systematics implemented by new IOC world bird list, the new standard for years... Please report all errors or changes. Thank you.

P.S.: This is the direct link to the Austrian list operated by Avibase. Right now the imlemented table below does not load, due to a script error.

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