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2018-12-15 : 9:23 pm : +0100



BIRDERSMS events take place in all of Austria and neighbouring areas. We do not care for wind and weather, we just go birding and Bei jedem Wind und Wetter explore the chosen area. The picture galleries and reports tell you, what we have discovered. Good Birding!

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15th BIRDERSMS Meeting / Cunovo

Initiation of BIRDERSMS meetings and the Black-throated Thrush in 2003

A Black-throated Thrush Turdus ruficollis atrogularis Jarocki 1819 in Oberpullendorf/Burgenland

The history of this record: The bird was located in January and finally identified by Andreas Ranner on 2003-02-26. In the followilling days 25 birders twitched the bird in a private garden in Oberpullendorf. The hospitality of the owners were great. We want to say THANK you via web for the great hospitality for the visiting bird and birders: the bird was fed by apples and worms and birders could even park in the garden! On Saturday, 1st March, 2003 the thrush was observed for the last time: After a fight with the local, female Blackbird the BTT left its bush. It called and fluttered with it`s wings. Just to say "Good Bye"! This was observed by the owner of the garden. In the following days, the black-throated thrush was not seen any more.

This observation was a kind of starting point to found the Austrian Club 300 for all birders interested in listing rare birds. See Club300 Austria.