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Birding in our World

Birds and the interest in birdlife connects people across continents, cultures and diverse fields of science. Also cooperationof those interested, busines and media will be displayed here. Birdwatching and everything connected to this hobby belongs to a kind of interest in nature, one that should be "sustainable" as possible.Traveling and birding is a good combination deeping your sight. I should respect local life and living forms, esp. of indigineous human beings. Cooperations to the benefit of the local population by eco-tourism is a mainstay for the preservation and development of areas with specific biodiversity.

Nach oben online was launched in 2001 and our forum is the first adress for those interested in birdwatching in Austria. If you need more information, please contact us.

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One of our aims is to promote bird watching together with partners from science, media and economy.

Birds & Ads

Birds are fascinating for mankind ever since and are popular figures, and obvious creatures also popular for commercials and advertising. For those interested in the field Birding & Business, I recommend the new B&B group at XING.

We collect picture and links for "Birds & Ads". You can send us any information or a documentation about campaigns . Just contact us, please.

Ads and

In the moment our web page is more or less free from advertisements. We have no diret connections to commercial campaigns, beside sponsoring for the Birdrace or the BIRDERSHOP.

With bird.atyou can target those interested most in nature adventure and birding in Austria in an easy and efficient way.essenten an Naturerlebnis und Vogelbeobachtung. Just contact us, please.

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