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My Digital Sound Recording Equipment

The OKM-II microphone capsule I use.

Here you find some of my equipment for bird sound recording. I just use DAT, because my gear is up and running. I like the results and sound quality. Still, it is much a matter of the microphones you use. Since I combine visual observation with bird sound recoring, I like the great flexibility of my set up, using OKM-II binaureal microphones. When my DAT recorder was too old and the risk for a tough field trip too high, I conidered a new model of robust field recorder: smaller and really versatile: Since Summer 2010 I use the LS-11 from Olympus. My old recorder is still needed for reviewing and archiving my DAT cassettes full with natural sound recordings from more than 10 years. 

After the DAT age I recommend to everyone just beginning or looking for a light weight equipment to revie the small digital recordersdigitale Diktiergeräte. They are quite price-worth and allow fast documentation while birding anywhere: in the tropics, mountains...

Just drop me a line if you want to share your experience, your equipment, etc. Send me an email or contribute to Forum. Thank you!