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«The diversity of nature, the incredible variety of the inorganic and organic, are a treasure, without which, I think, people could not live.»


Erwin Chargaff in Remembrance


2007-04 in the Alps
2006-04 Adriatic Seawatching
2007-06 Birdrace on Mountainbike
2007 Evening Red
2008 Lake Neusiedl Flight Survey
2008 Indonesia Gg. Gede crater rim

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MRI: About me

Martin J. Riesing

... is an enthusiastic birder, "orni" and birdwatcher since primary school. I started in the Riverine Forests of river Danube East of Vienna and recorded bird songs - somethimes drectly from my room`s windows early on. Soon after my very early wanderings I named the tits and finches my father showed me accordingly: Great Tit, Blue Tit and Greenfinch and Chaffinch...

It was clear to study biology, lead excursion since my teenage, take part in different surveys (airport, breeding atlas in Eastern Tyrol, winter geese, Avocet, ...) and count for many years a section of the Viennese part of Danube for the international waterfowl mid mounthly count.

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BirdLife Österreich from 1986 - 2009, board member of rare bird ("rarity") committee or avi-faunistic committee AFK. Attended many AERC meetings around Y2K.

DO-G since 1994

XING XING - Business-Network, moderator of XING - Birding (Birding & Business)

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My interests

birds, evolution, molecular biology, micro-oganisms (small, smart and successful), phylogeny, computers, internet, molecular mechanisms of (microbial) infections, (EASTERN) Europe, CEE, Centrope, bird migration, systematics, database, TYPO3

I initiated and participated in the organisation for the very first birdfair in Austria and surrounding countries in Eastern Austria: The Pannonian BirdExperience, launched 2010 in April, see

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Birding with Martin Riesing

Since 1992 Martin Riesing has been birding throughout Austria; particularly in the national park Neusiedlersee - Seewinkel (for WWF Austria) and as a national park guide.

1994 IOC (International Ornithology Congress) in Vienna, several tours and early morning excursions

2003 2 tours to Danube Delta (Romania) see NHM Vienna

Since 1998 I have been registered a Birdingpal for international birders and guests. Limiting time is now a valuable factor...



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Birding with MRI

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Martin Riesing birding Amazon

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