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About Birding

Birding or Birdwatching is about observation of birds in the wild, everywhere and anytime...

In our connected world international, often English terms are dominating. They are short and used globally. But see yourself at wikipedia about birding (in  English), less in Deusch. A literal translation is just amusing and misleading ...

Different Forms of Birding:

Alpine Birding: Hiking and Birdwatching - see "Wandern und Vogelschauen"

Seawatching: Either from the coast or from platforms in the sea or at the sea in chartered ships.

Day-time migration: Observation of migrating birds, esp. those thermal gliders like storks, pelicans and raptors

Moonwatching: special survey carried out by teams of min. two observers, 2-4 hours after sunset (and before sunrise)

Surveys: on waterfowl, geese etc. on large wetlands or estuaries

Birdrace : Observation in a specific area in competing teams

Garden watch: observe your garden birds

Bird feeding: feed the flocks

Birdbreeding: support local birds with nest boxes to keep them abundant in areas like gardens, fields, vinyards, etc ... Also for nature conservancy (e.g. Roller in Austria)