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about History was founded after some ideas and planning by Christoph Roland and Martin Riesing. It became reality with initial support by Johannes Schalhas in Februar 23, 2001 and was launched.

Within short time our forum developed into a valuable source of information for birdwatchers, twitchers, professionals, scientists, tourists and bird feeders and friends of avifauna.

Launch of BIRDERSMS, birders` mobile information, created a value added service for the birding community: designed as a service from birders for birders mobile information is passed on swiftly in near real time in the field on important information.

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Our Aims

1. Make Birdwatching ("birding") in Austria a well known, meaningful and re-creative activity for both spare time and professional work.
2. " Media" is the communinication platform for all birders. We want to increase both joy and responsibility in birding and spread valuable information for your own adventures in nature.
3. See many birds, experience nature and discover ever more coherences.

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Der Text zu im Neusiedlersee Vogelführer.
Der Text zu im Neusiedlersee Vogelführer.

More activities

Our monthly meetings in Vienna (called ORNITREFF) have developed further and are now an integral part of the montly program of BirdLife Austria. The ORNITREFF in Vienna is supported and hosted by Europa-Akademie Dr. Roland in Vienna 7. We have also invented the outdoor version of ORNITREFF, called "Ornitreff Draussen. Most of those meetings are iregular events and rather spontaneous meetings in the field.

The most active part of Austrian birders take part in the BIRDERSMS-meetings which take place in Austria´s foremost birding loacations: Lake Neusiedl (Neusiedlersee) and delta of Rhine at Lake Constance in Vorarlberg.

Since 2004 we meet our neigbours from Slovakia, Hungary and Czech Republic for a meeting on a weekend in March at the big reservoir of Zdrž Hrušov at Čunovo just downstream of Slovakia´s capital city Bratislava at river Danube.

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Birdrace in Austria

History of Birdrace in Austria

The coincidance of a few factors inspired us to start 2005 the First Ausrtian 24h Birdrace in co-operation with BirdLife Austria, the Environmental Department of Viennese Municipality and the German GEO magazine. took part as an expert team in the 2004 „GEO - Tag der Artenvielfalt“ (Day of Bio Diversity) imn Alpine Tyrol. Thereafter we planned a separate event in Vienna. The Environmental Department of Viennese Municipality runs for many years a special event on biodiversity in Vienna (see link of event page). This is being held on the European event day of „GEO - Tag der Artenvielfalt“.

Why A Birdrace in Austria?
The aims of this birdrace event fits perfect to our Aims. We want to spread the joy of birding, attract media for ornithology and collect some financial support for a specific bird preservation project. We want to emphasise the high potential of local birdrace areas for birdwatching and a future, sustainable eco-tourism.

For more information see the pages in German Birdrace-Seiten.

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