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2020-10-26 : 8:12 pm : +0100


Uploading photos to the forum

There are a number of ways that you can upload your photos to the forum:

1. Send undefinedan email to with all relevant data (description, copyright, etc.). Please note that it may take a few days for your photos to be added.

2. Upload your photos directly to the forum: Log in to the forum and click on “Galerie” (gallery) at the top of the page. Clicking on any of the photos shown will take you in to the gallery itself. At this stage, you can click on “Bild hinzfügen”. You will then be asked to fill in the following information: Photo title (Name), Description (Beschreibung), Location (Datei), Any additional text (Alternativer Text) and how you would like it sorted – either at the front (Anfang) or back (Ende) of the gallery. Please note that photos must be in JPG format and cannot exceed 1024x768 pixels or 1MB. You will then have to accept the general terms and conditions, Click “Blid hochladen” and your photo will be added to the gallery.

3. You can also add photos directly from another photo sharing website (Picasa, Flickr, etc) or your own private website. When writing a forum comment/post, simply click on the “IMG” button. You will be asked for the address of the image you would like to add. This can be copy pasted from the photo’s original site by opening the photo and, with Mozilla Firefox, right clicking on the image, and selecting “copy image location”. You can then paste this address in to the “IMG” pop-up request by pressing “CTRL v” (Windows) or “Apple v” (Apple). The picture code will always be added to the bottom of the text but you can always cut and paste it to another location in the text you are preparing. Press “Vorschau” to get a preview of what your post will look like. One side note on using this message is that not all photo sources work. For example, photos hosted in blogs (such as cannot normally be used as they have no functional remote-access URL.

How to upload photos to the forum